Vision UPS Systems

  • Overview

    VISION UPSVISION UPS SYSTEMS S. a r. l. possesses over 20 years of experience in work in the UPS sector.
    Since 2003 the company's headquarters has been situated in Luxembourg. VISION UPS quickly gained currency on four continents and is at the present day a worldwide appreciated manufacturer of UPS and AC and DC systems. Equipment made by VISION UPS demonstrates its quality and reliability not only in Europe but also under severe conditions in Africa and Asia.
    In 2009 VISION UPS established its representation in Russia, which is concerned with support service for customers in Eastern Europe and Asia.
    VISION emphasizes European quality for the best price hinged on shortest delivery time and the following

    • Individual solutions in cooperation with the customer
    • Wide product range
    • Unique products for your requirements
    • Service and training centre in Luxembourg

  • Relationship with Atlantic Computers & Electronics Ltd

    Atlantic Computers & Electronics Limited has been the representative partner of Vision UPS Systems in Ghana since 2001 and can boast of tremendous support and stability of the units.

  • Service & Product Categories

    • Small, Medium and Large Capacity UPS
    • Voltage Stabilizers
    • Telecommunication Products
    • Rectifiers And Chargers
    • Power Inverters
    • Active Power Filters
    • Solar Products
    • Lightning Protections
    • Batteries And Battery Analyzer
    • Static Transfer Switch
    • Spike Protections
    • Remote Control And UPS Monitoring Devices.

  • Support Team

    Our team together shares between them a rich 40 year experience in electrical and electronics engineering as well as power protection equipment management. We have extensive Certification in Electrical And Electronics Engineering and other related fields.

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