Managed Document Services e-Concept

  • Focus on Savings

    Potential savings often go unrecognised. Where there’s work, there’s paperwork – this much is no surprise. But do you know your company’s exact printing costs? They are often significantly higher than expected.

    Hidden expenses alone in areas like administration, energy consumption, document processing and hotline support make up as much as 60% of total printing costs.

    We’d be glad to let you in on the secrets to achieving transparency in your printing environment, optimising workflows and effectively utilising savings potential.

  • Transparency

    Toshiba Managed Document Services: a vendor-independent, end-to-end solution that takes a close-up view of your document processing from every angle and gives you a clear picture of direct and indirect printing costs within your company.

    Based on this knowledge, we work with you to take appropriate measures to effectively and lastingly optimise this area of your business. Various components come into play:

    • Analysis
    • Implementation
    • Management
    • Products
    • Solutions

    The more components put to use to complement and expand on each other, the more pronounced the Toshiba Effect – cost reduction in printing and document processing

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