Design Collaboration & Project Management

Technology is transforming the way that buildings and infrastructure are designed, constructed, and operated. And it’s helping to improve decision making and performance across the building and infrastructure lifecycle. Tools and systems for architecture, engineering and construction professionals for insight. Systems and tools to more efficiently plan, design, construct, manage buildings and infrastructure. Benefits

  • Documentation & Archiving Project managers tend to be more efficient when using a clear and concise set of documents and plan at the start. This means that documents need to be tailored to the needs of the project and accessible to the project teams. Without these, the control, management and measurement of information becomes difficult and ineffective.
  • Resolve conflict Simulating project execution to detect clash of elements such as electrical conduit or ductwork that run into a beam. By modelling of these, clashes are discovered early, and costly on-site clashes reduced. The model also ensures the right fit of elements manufactured off site, allowing components to be easily bolted into place rather than created on site.

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