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Future-proof your resume
with a certification

Experience a certification that bridges the gap between education and industry and helps you stay ahead. Autodesk’s certification experiences offer manufacturing, architecture, engineering, and construction professionals a way to integrate market-leading technologies with the insights to uncover—and own—what’s next in their career.

Why Certify?

Learn your way

We offer adaptive learning to support your continuous growth. Built to integrate leading technologies with the insights you need, our courses deepen your knowledge and broaden your skill set with lessons, practice exercises, and more.


Succeed in your career

Our Learning Pathways offer curated courses designed by leading professionals and Autodesk experts to align to your career and certification goals. Whether you’re starting out or expanding your role, you’ll earn recognition for your expertise and accelerate your career.


Propel your organization forward

Today’s professionals aren’t just upskilling, they’re innovating new technologies, skills, and mental models. For companies, this puts the spotlight on learning—for any role. Our future-focused learning and certification experiences help you make an impact in your organization.

Choose your certification

We offer certifications that map to your skill level and career goals: Earn recognition for your expertise, accelerate your career, and continue your lifelong learning journey.

Autodesk Certified Associate

Designed for candidates with essential knowledge and skills in Autodesk software who are ready to enter the job market or improve their skills in pursuit of a new career path.

Requirements: Approximately 150 hours of relevant Autodesk software experience

Autodesk Certified Professional

Developed for candidates who have advanced skills and can solve complex challenges in workflow and design. The professional certification highlights a comprehensive skill set and helps candidates stand out in a competitive job market.

Requirements: 400 hours to 1,200 hours of relevant Autodesk software experience

Autodesk Certified Expert

Created for candidates who want to showcase their in-depth software knowledge and abilities. The expert certification signals leadership and a commitment to mastering new skills.

Requirements: 400 hours to 1,200 hours of relevant Autodesk software experience

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