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Autodesk InfraWorks for Infrastructure (Roads, Drainage and Bridges) Concept and Preliminary Design Training



Transform civil infrastructure design processes with InfraWorks software. Manage larger-scale infrastructure models created from existing data sources and generate proposals and early design concepts more effectively in the context of the built environment. Rapidly generate data-rich proposals to better predict how design alternatives may perform in the existing environment. Autodesk InfraWorks is a visual 3D design and communication platform for civil engineers, designers, and land planners which enables you to:

  • Build context for your designs.

  • Create, explore, and evaluate your designs.

  • Envision and understand the implications and impacts of the project Explore multiple alternatives.

  • Share and develop better designs through collaboration.

  • Get a jump start on detailed design and documentation.

The Autodesk InfraWorks Fundamentals course is designed to enable learners acquire basic skills and fundamental functionalities of Autodesk InfraWorks.

Roadway Design:

  •  Create property boundaries for parcels, easements, and right of ways.

  • Create and modify design roads with precise parameters.

  • Add components and decorations to roads.

  • Adjust roadside grading.

  • Apply and review super-elevations in component roads.

  • Modify how design roads intersect using a standard intersection or roundabout.

  • Optimize the vertical design of a roadway.

  • Create gradient maps based on selected feature sets to identify areas with low impact for site or corridor optimization.

  • Find an optimal horizontal design of the roadway which yields a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution.

  • Run traffic simulations to analyse and animate design traffic.


Bridge Design:

  • Add bridges to a design roadway.

  • Work with bridge deck and girder cross sections.

  • Perform analysis and design checks on all the pre-stressed girders of your bridge.


Drainage Design:

  • Run a watershed analysis.

  • Create or modify culverts.

  • Create a pavement drainage network.

  • Analyse the pavement drainage network.



This course introduces the fundamental skills in learning how to use the Autodesk InfraWorks. It is highly recommended that students/learners have experience and knowledge in Civil/Structural design and its terminology.

No. of Days:                 4
Total Hours:                16
No. of Participants:    20

The course instructor is a BIM Specialist/Consultant (Building and Infrastructure) and a practising registered Civil Engineering in Kenya with Engineers Board of Kenya. The holds a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Nairobi, with more than 6 years in Civil Infrastructure design in East Africa to medium to large infrastructure projects, for both private and public sector. The instructor also has vast experience as a BIM Specialist ranging from Support, Training, Implementation, BIM Management, and Coordination for more than 4 years. The instructor is a Certified Instructor and an Accredited Consulting Implementation Framework in BIM and CAD Service Provision.

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