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Building Information Modelling: Essentials of BIM Level-2



In this course you will understand What is mean by BIM, what are the key points of the BIM process and the roles and responsibilities of each person in the BIM team, you will learn what mean by BIM levels and what is the latest BIM level. You will know how to create your BIM executing plan and how to implement it. You will be familiar with new terms like (BIM maturity, BIP, EIR, BEP, LOD, COBIE etc.) The course will explain all the following important topics in BIM

  • BIM definition.

  • BIM dimensions.


  • BIM uses.

  • BIM applications.

  • BIM implementation factors.

  • BIM levels of development.

  • BIM responsibilities

  • BIM levels maturity.

  • BIM executing plan.

  • Employers Information Requirements

What you will learn:

  • Understand the methods and strategies to implement BIM in engineering projects

  • Understand what is mean by BIM LEVELS

  • Understand what is mean by BIM level of development

  • Determine what LOD do you need at your project

  • Understand what is mean by EIR, employer information request for BIM

  • Know about the latest codes and standards used in BIM

  • Create your BIM executing plan in your organization pre & post of the contract



  • Background in Architectural, Engineering and Construction Industry

Who is this course for:

  • Engineers, students, professional engineers, contractors, surveyors, civil engineers, project managers.

  • Anyone that has the interest to learn about BIM technology

  • Any fresh graduated engineer

  • Any student doing research in BIM technology

The course instructor is a BIM Specialist/Consultant (Building and Infrastructure) and a practising registered Civil Engineering in Kenya with Engineers Board of Kenya. The holds a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Nairobi, with more than 6 years in Civil Infrastructure design in East Africa to medium to large infrastructure projects, for both private and public sector. The instructor also has vast experience as a BIM Specialist ranging from Support, Training, Implementation, BIM Management, and Coordination for more than 4 years. The instructor is a Certified Instructor and an Accredited Consulting Implementation Framework in BIM and CAD Service Provision.

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